The White House Collection

The White House Collection addresses the nature of painting, the portrait, and the figure, through personal, social, and political topics. By immersing the figure into these often politically charged issues, my intent is to create a truly current and vital figurative painting.

Self-Portraits as First Ladies

By embracing First Lady imagery, I create self-portraits that are contemporary and personal, while inherently historical and political. The work addresses social and cultural issues, including current events, while maintaining the everywoman quality of the self-portrait. This conceptual device allows me a flexible and expressive vehicle to explore individual autonomy and mutability. 

American First Ladies are international icons and contribute to what may be our only shared story as a nation—our living mythology. By dangling between the images of the First Ladies and my own reflection, I have a framework to explore the conundrum that is America, as an individual  living within that riddle.