Summer in the City

Summer in the City apposes First Lady imagery and guns with "fun in the sun." By combining handguns, which have figured in my work for some time, with traditional summer pleasures such as reading, swimming, or biking, Summer takes the American obsession with packing heat to its logical and darkly humorous conclusion.  Painted from life, I donned snorkel and mask, goggles and cap, or ate Skittles and popcorn, all while holding a pistol in my right hand and paintbrush in my left. The paintings  include responses to specific events such as the massacres at Aurora and Newtown and the Treyvon Martin shooting.

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Summer In The City
Summer In The ...
By Laura Elkins
Photo book

About the book --

In addition to reproductions of thirty paintings, the monograph includes an essay by curator Yulia Tikhonova and foreward by Balinda Fiebiger of Enlightening Publishers, who conceived the book --

"I felt the need to publish this series of paintings in a monograph, so the work could be seen by more people than in just a fleeting gallery experience."

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