A Womb with a View

5/6/2017 - 5/28/2017

Curated by The Vagilante

Curatorial Statement:

The world is almost 50% women.... and 51% of the population of the United States, but for some reason the female gender and the experience of being female is discounted on so many social levels.
This group art show is meant to create a snap shot of "femaleness" in 2017. I am interested in the internal world of today's female and female identifying individuals. What are our struggles? Fears? Joys? Secrets? What are we shouting from the rooftops? I am excited to see a narrative develop through the commonalities and differences of each story, as told through visual representation.
The name and theme of this group show is an intentional double entendre. It is meant to induce the idea of seeing out of and in to, the womb.


Closing Reception Sunday, May 28, 2pm - 5pm

In addition to the great visual art on view, local poet Crystal Davis is curating a selection of poerty readings to further explore the themes of the exhibition.

Inner Space

175 Duncan Avenue

Jersey City NJ 07306